Thursday, March 21, 2013

Patrik the Vampire Puppet

For quiet some time I have been wanting to make a stop motion puppet. When it was announced my school was going to host a summer master class for stop motion, I knew know was the perfect time to make one. So, over winter break, I started to make a Patrik puppet. 

Now it's spring break and I've finished!!! 

Here are some photos I took of my process:

After I collected all the supplies I needed, I began to make the head of scupley.

The first head unfortunately was left in the oven for a bit too long. So I had to sculpt a new one.

I used animation wire and doll parts for my armature and 
put epoxy putty on the parts that I didn't want to bend 
before putting some foam for padding

For his sweater, I used some socks and added felt heart.

 For the hair, I clumped chunks together and used rubber cement to hold the strands together. I glue these chucks on to the head. I had a few strands with wire inside to create his fly-away hairs.

Black unbaked sculpey was used for the pupils and eyebrows 
and thin white plastic supered glue into place on each replacement mouth.

After finishing the head, I did the hands in thin aluminum covered with silicone and VUALA!

I had a puppet!!!

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