Saturday, September 14, 2013

Idette & Gilroy

This is Idette and Lord Gilroy. They live in a castle in the English country side and are often visited by tourists wondering around the area. Gilroy hates them poking about his castle while Idette enjoys messing around with them.

Gilroy likes to spend most of his writing and will write about just about anything . . . well,
almost everything.

Idette has a bit a Cinderella story. Girl gets invited to her first ball. She finds the loveliest dress she has ever seen. She has a wonderful night dancing with charming strangers. She is confused when swords are drawn and fighting breaks out. Girl gets stabbed in the stomach and bleeds to death.

I want Gilroy to be uncomfortable biting people when is comes to drinking and that is mostly do to how he was turned. I wanted it to be a very tramatic experience and my friend suggested he gets pulled into a swamp by feral vampires.

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